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Custom Decorated Cookies



Basic $32 / Dozen

Simple Designs include up to 2 colors (excluding white), minimal detail, and writing.

Metallic colors (silver, gold, etc.) are not included.

Cookies are approximately 3-4" in size


Intricate $35+ / Dozen

Intricate Designs include over 4 colors, writing, airbrushing, handprinted (watercolor), Eddie printed designs, florals, Metallic (gold, silver, etc.) coloring, etc.

Cookies are approximately 3-4" in size.

Printed Logo Cookies $24 / Dozen


Mini Add on $24 / Dozen

Approximately 2-2.5“ cookies with minimal design. With a 1 dozen minimum, a set of minis can be added to any custom order. Minis can be ordered on their own at a 2 dozen minimum.

*Price will be determined based on inspiration photo/invitation and intricacy of design.


Each set includes cookies ranging from 3-4in and 1/4in thick. 

There is a 1 dozen minimum per order with the option to add 6 additional cookies after the first dozen.


Cookies are individually wrapped unless otherwise specified. Covered trays are also available 


More. . . 

Flower Bouquet $15

Cookie Flower Bouquets include 4 flower cookies wrapped in paper with a bow. *Flower designs may vary

Paint Your Own (PYO) Cookie Kits

4in Circle Cookie with a paintbrush and edible paint palette

Individual - 1 Cookie, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Edible Paint Palette $4

4 Pack - 4 Cookies, 4 Paintbrushes, 2 Edible Paint Palettes $15

12 Pack - 12 Cookies, 12 Paintbrushes, 6 Edible Paint Palettes $42

DIY (do it yourself) Cookie Kits $20

Each kit comes with 1 dozen plain cookies (your choice in design), 3 Icing Colors, and a sprinkle variety

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